Classic Fruit’s commitment to delivering “Classic Values” as stated in their “Mission Statement” which means providing the highest quality, consistency, service, and integrity within the melon industry are the reasons Classic Fruit has implemented the types of programs that have earned them the certifications listed here.

As you review each of the Certification Organizations, you will see the rigorous standards set out by each. Whether it’s end product safety, restoring the rainforests, providing clean drinking water or educating local children; we are humbled to be part of the legacy of the communities we farm in. Your continued support as buyers of Classic Fruit melons contributes greatly to our cause.

Being a Rainforest Alliance certified melon producer means:

  • Producing melons with respect for the environment and providing good and fair working conditions for our employees
  • Good agricultural practices such as strict control of agrochemicals, conservation of water and soils and integrated waste management are part of this comprehensive standard
  • Protection of ecosystems and biodiversity are essential environmental criteria
  • Social criteria include health and safety requirements and mandates compliance with labor rights requirements
  • Employees and their families have access to clean drinking water, health care, education and recreational facilities
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